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In Person Training 

Available for in person training in the Central Florida area.  Periodically offering seminars at Perfect Storm Hardcore Training Gym.  Great option for those newer to powerlifting or those experiencing form issues.

Video Evaluation (online)

Everyone no matter how experienced a lifter can use independent evaluation of form from time to time.  This option is low commitment and can provide the key feedback to get through a sticking point.

Off Season Building Program (online)

Off season is the bread and butter of when you make strength gains and often the most ignored.  The off season program is an economical option to provide you guidance throughout the year.

Meet Prep Program (online)

Meet prep programs can run 12-16 weeks dependent on the lifter.  The program includes nutritional advice, guided lifting program, video form evaluation and peak week guidance.  

In Person

$ 100-150
Pricing is dependent on where the training takes place.  Most sessions run 2-3 hours so the hourly charge is around $50.

Video Evaluation 

$ 50-100/per lift/3lifts
Feedback provided based on videos provided by customer.  The quality and number of angles you can provide on the lift impacts the evaluation.  If video is insufficient to provide guidance, suggestions will be made on how to film better for proper assessment and then evaluation will take place. 
Buy two lift evaluations and get the third lift free.

Offseason Online

$ 150/mo.
Offseason program will include monthly programming based on prior meet totals or tested one rep maxes.  
Weekly form evaluation of submitted videos will be provided.

Meet Prep Online

$ 200/mo.
Meet prep includes weekly programming based on tested one rep maxes at the end of offseason program.  
Video evaluation of submitted videos will be provided weekly so it can be incorporated into upcoming weeks work.